If you own a car and don’t have a Bluetooth headset then you need to buy one ASAP. This item is essential to avoid traffic tickets and more importantly an accident that can result in the loss of life. Here are some guidelines for which characteristic to look for in a Bluetooth headset.

  1. You should get a waterproof headset if you plan to use anywhere else besides in your car. Coffee spills and other liquid spills can happen easily if you set your Bluetooth down and forget about it.
  2. If you want to use them for listening to music your choices will be limited. The quality of stereo sound also varies. Your options are between AirPods, Gear IconX, Jabra Elite Sport and some other choices.
  3. Consider for how long will you be wearing the Bluetooth each day. Comfort and anti-bacterial features are essential for your comfort and health.
  4. Battery life is the most important factor of them all. The battery life is around 7 hours of talk time and it usually can last 5 days on standby. For daily use you usually need to charge it every other day to ensure that the battery doesn’t die on you.

When it comes to features and capabilities will entirely depend on the price point. You can get cheap BT set for $20 but it might not have a good noise canceling features.

Always keep in mind you might have connection problems between your BT set and your phone. Be sure to do a quick search online to see if there are any connection or pairing problems for the headset. Check on your phone and do the same check if you. Do this check before buying a BT set as a gift because you don’t want to give somebody gift that doesn’t work for them.

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