Having good skin is good for your health as well as beneficial for your appearance. This article focuses on simple non-medical solutions that can help you have clear skin. These methods focus on cleanliness practices.


It’s likely you will have more acne and pimples on the side of your face that you sleep on the most. You should change your pillowcases at least once a week. Often we don’t wash our hair every day. Our hair can pick up airborne particles that add dirt to pillowcases. The dirt can then cause your pores to clog and cause pimples. In addition, we sometimes drool in our sleep and much of it gets on the pillowcase.

Wash Cloths

Washcloths are great for simple exfoliation. Natural material is gentle on skin and helps remove dirt, dead skin cells, and some makeup.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Our hands acquire dirt as we go about the day. We touch everything from door handles, elevator buttons, keyboards, wallets and more. If you touch our face with dirty hands if will transfer dirt and bacteria which can contribute to acne.

Your Phone & Electronics

Take a minute and see which ear you place your phone when you get a call. This side of your face will likely have more pimples and acne. We touch our phones and other electronics many times throughout the day. Your phone is a rich source of dirt and bacteria. To reduce acne clean your electronics with disinfectant wipes or use hands-free technology.


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