Red color is probably the most important color in nature. If you think about a red fruit you immediately assume that it is ripe. People wearing red are perceived as being more attractive as oppose any other color. For this reason the red color is more often used in fashion show to portray a sexy image. Your heart rate goes up as well when you enter a room painted red.

Red is also associated with health and is usually associated with rosy cheeks and red lips. For this reason many cultures use red to paint lips and add blush to cheeks. Red color conveys lust, excitement and love. Social profiles with red color in them will receive more attention than other colors if used properly.

Depending on situation or usage, red can convey different things. For food, red means ripe. For clothing and makeup red is sexy. Almost anything that is red will grab your attention. For this reason fire trucks are red so you can see them immediately. It’s the best colour to use as it isn’t irritating to look at unlike yellow or neon colours. Yellow it is frequently used to convey danger.

Red is also associated with speed. For this reason race cars are frequently painted red and insurance goes up when your vehicle is painted red. For sports events athletes wearing red as perceived as faster. Team colours do play an important role.

In shopping studies customers will choose  items in red packaging when they have to make a quick decision.

It is absolutely fascinating that one color can portray love and war. While purple color which is unanimously perceived as royal and expensive. They colour can’t portray an opposite meaning of cheap and common. Take a look below and leave a comment on your thoughts.

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