When it comes to clothes most of us are particular about what style we want. However, we can be on a limited budget and can’t buy everything we see (unfortunately). Thankfully there are ways to get a great look without breaking the bank and also getting some money back.

Most of us are aware of thrift stores and other charity clothing stores. The problem with these places is that they aren’t specific to one demographic, they try to cater to everyone. This has caused more specific clothing locations to spring up.

There are modern stores that cater to more fashionable clothing. For example Plato’s Closet has sells fashionable clothing at lower prices which specifically caters to women in their teen to late twenties. It provides trendy clothing for less.

Additionally, many stores like this will take your clothing and possibly give you cash for it. It makes for a great reason to go through your wardrobe take out clothes you don’t really wear. Often donations stores have criteria they follow for accepting clothing. Clothes that are too formal or outdated don’t get chosen.

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