It’s often we get up in the morning and aren’t really feeling motivated. This can make it difficult to get dressed and we may spend longer than intended on this task. This is also challenging when we have appointments to attend or need to show up at work. Here is a simplified method to get the task going.


Check the temperature. This helps narrow down clothing option choices. It also helps you dress if the weather will fluctuate during the day. You need the right shoes and accessories to go with the temperature.

Core Clothing

Once you know the weather choose a core piece of clothing from your wardrobe. This is either pants or a dress. This item will help you organize the rest of your clothing and accessories.

Keep It Simple

Stay away from patterned clothing after choosing the core clothing item. Blocks of colour are easy to match and allow you to avoid colour clashing.


After choosing your clothing it’s easy to choose accessories. Again try to keep it simple and try to match well with the core clothing. Accessories include jewellery, purse, shoes, coat and sunglasses.

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