It’s not often that you see glitter used as a fashion statement. This sparkly makeup statement is limited to particular set ups and isn’t part of a everyday scene. Shimmery makeup is usually used instead of glitter. Here are the common uses of glitter make up when it comes to professional photography.


For festivals like Caribana and Mardi Gras, you will see glittery make up. It helps accentuate the happy carefree nature of these festive scenes.

80’s Fashion

Glitter was part of the 80’s fashion statement. Many pop stars wore it and it’s a strong part of any costume ideas set for that time.


For Halloween costumes it’s fun to add glitter to your outfit. Costumes exaggerate certain features and are fun in general. A common theme for Halloween accessories is to decorate them with glitter.


Sparkly is seen as creative. For this reason you can likely find glitter on creative people. For example makeup artists, figure skaters, fashion designers and other creative directors are likely to sparkle with glitter.


Stage makeup is very distinct. Not only does it help get actors into character, it makes them more noticeable from afar. Stage makeup has its own art form.


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