The degree of sexiness is highly dependent on fashion design. There are typical techniques where the item of clothing shows off figure and features. One way of doing this is with strategic splits or slits in the clothing design. There are different ways to add this fashion design feature to clothing.


One highly used area where a split is used in the skirt. Typically one or both sides of a dress or skirt has a split going from the hem to the waist. This shows off legs and creates a sexy look as well as it keeps an outfit from looking boring.


Long sleeves can be altered to look more creative by using slits down the length of them. Typically there are several small slits that show off some skin. This is a small moderate allure that you can create for clothing.


The body area of clothing can have different styles of slits. It’s popular to have one slit near the cheat area to show off some cleavage (or just hint at it). Small slits across the body area can give a punk style to the clothing.

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