Since its invention lipstick has been popular throughout the ages. Originally it came mostly in red and black. Red was more popular since it is associated with healthy qualities. Still it can be difficult to choose the right lipstick. Furthermore, the right lipstick can change with the seasons and it can depend on factors such as age. Here are simple criteria to help you choose the best lipstick.

Skin Tone

Our skin tone changes with the seasons. Getting a tan can influence how the look of our lipstick. For example a pink colour that looked fine in the winter can look odd in the summer when you get a tan. It may not look flattering and you will need to select a different colour.


Our outfits can also affect which lipstick colour looks good. Not all outfits match the same with one colour of lipstick. For example if your outfit is composed of pastel colours a light pink colour will look great with it.


Your style is essentially a look you are going with. For example creative styles go out and beyond regular trends and can utilize things such as lipstick in purple, green, yellow etc.

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