One downside of weight loss is the fact that you will most often need a new wardrobe. This is problematic if you are on a budget and can’t get the clothes you need at the moment. Another difficulty is that wardrobes take time to acquire. They don’t happen overnight and there is different availability for trends. Here is what you can do to get a wardrobe that is still wearable.


With weight loss, clothing is often baggy and shapeless. It’s hiding your newly acquired figure. To combat this block you can use belts to bring in fabric folds and bring definition to your waistline.

Minor Tailoring

If possible you can add lacing to the back of some outfits. This brings in the fabric folds and makes for an easy adjustment for your size.

Rock Oversized

One other thing you can try for some clothing items is to try to rock an oversized look. This look is easy to accessorize with jewellery and tights.

Practical Buys

You will still need to practical clothing items such as bras and underwear. Proper bra size matters for your comfort and protection.

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