Clothes shopping is a fun experience. We shop for great clothes and look for great sales to fit our budget. Not many of stop to think about what happens to the clothes that don’t sell. There are a few options for these clothes.

Outlet Stores

Often stores sell to outlet and discount stores. This prevents a loss of revenue and lets shoppers still enjoy the product but at a different price. The only thing is that the clothing at these shops will be an older selection.

Warehouse Sales

Designer clothing stores have quality checks for their clothing. The items that have defects are never sold in store and are directly sent to a location that does warehouse sales. Many defects aren’t visible and you can enjoy designer clothing at a greatly reduced price.


Most stores donate their end of season clothes to charities and thrift stores. They can even write it off as a charitable donation for tax purposes. Not all charity clothing stores are the same.


It may seem like a bad choice but many designer brands choose to destroy the products that don’t sell. All the reasons are unclear but one reason is so that the items don’t get resold.


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