Cleanliness is a important factor for your health. If its neglected or done poorly around your home many hazards can be created. Some hazards are more obvious than others but they still need to be dealt with carefully. Here are some common hazards you can avoid.

Mould is a big problem for the home. It’s usually created by a food source, damp conditions and poor circulation. Mould thrives in damp and dark conditions and is common in basements, bathrooms kitchens and fridges. To prevent it it’s important to properly sanitize areas where food is eaten. Basements and bathrooms need proper ventilation to prevent humidity.

Dust is a common occurrence since most of it come from skin shedding. Other sources are from dirt gathering. To prevent having dust it’s important to vacuum carpets and rugs on a weekly basis. Entrance mats also help keep your home clean.

Bacteria are a common pest you need to keep in check. Use sanitation wipes to clean commonly touched surfaces and items such as remotes and door knobs. Never leave dirty dishes for too long because bacteria thrive any where leftover food is.

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