Cleaning the shower and bath tub can be a chore. There is a lot of surfaces that need to be scrubbed or residues will build up. Cleaning this area is even more challenging when you leave it for a long time. You also shouldn’t skip sections. Here are important items to clean in the shower.

Faucets, shower heads and knobs are easy to clean. The metal surfaces need to be decalcified and generally disinfected. You can use vinegar for these areas and you can use a cloth to scrub the surfaces.

The shower walls need to be sprayed and then scrubbed. This area has lots of dirt from our bodies and other soap scum build up. Use a scouring pad or coarse brush to remove the buildup.

The dirtiest area is the bath tub. All the dirt falls here and combines with all sorts of soaps, shampoo and body oils. Spray the area with cleaning solution and scrub it with a soft brush. Be careful not to scrub too hard or it can ruin the material. When there is no discolouration left on the surface the dirt has been removed.

Tile and grout should be cleaned once a year to remove dirt and fungus. This requires other special cleaning items to clean effectively.

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