For the most part, we’ve all had to deal with period cramps and how unpleasant they are. They can range from mild to severe that it affects daily activity. Here are helpful ways to deal with them and some information on what causes them.


Essentially blood is composed of different liquid quantities which include water content. If you are dehydrated you are most likely to get cramps because the blood can’t flow properly. It’s thicker and doesn’t flow as well. Water is a good way to get rid of cramps when it’s caused by dehydration.

Tight Muscles

Muscle tightness in the legs can be a cause of cramps. The muscles are restricting blood flow and it can cause bad cramps. Doing yoga can help relieve muscle tension and other simple stretches can help as well.


If you do a lot of activities where you’re sitting for long periods your circulation isn’t where it should be. Try to get up and do light activity such as going for a walk. This should restore circulation.

Things you can do to relieve cramps:

Drink water

Dehydration can cause cramps. You can relieve them by drinking enough water.


Stretching can restore blood circulation and relieve cramps.


I’ve heard the potassium in bananas can help you get relief but there isn’t much evidence for it.

Heat Pack

Heat will improve circulation and restore proper blood flow.

Pain Pills

This should be a last resort. If you pop aspirin and ibuprofen too often you can end up with heartburn and other stomach ailments.


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