Most girls are aware of the troubles that come with periods. Most of us have developed efficient ways to deal with everything that comes with this time of the month. Whether you’re new to periods or have a bit more experienced it’s never too late to get practical information for managing it. Here are some helpful tips and practical help.

Drink Lots of Water

This will help flush out the uterus lining that needs to be shed during the cycle. As a result, your period will be less heavy and it will finish faster. It can also help relieve cramps.

Eat Lots of Iron Foods

During our periods we are losing blood and can be anemic for the loss of iron. This can result in us feeling fatigued and generally low in energy. Meat is a good source of iron and you can also eat beets and leafy green vegetables such as spinach which is high in iron.

Have Specific Underwear

Most girls have special underwear for their time of the month. These are usually larger and darker than what we wear on a usual basis. Larger panties usually hug the area and relieve cramps. It also keeps the area warmer and promotes circulation. Avoid tight or restrictive underwear for your own comfort. Dark underwear is easier to clean and is less likely to get ruined.

Keep Track of Days

Keep a period calendar either on paper or use an app. This lets you keep track of the average days in between cycles. It can also help you plan according. Like if you’re going on a trip and its around the time you might get your period you should back a few pads or tampons just in case. Or you could plan your trick sooner or later.


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