We all have a store of jewelry and it’s important to store it correctly. If you put all your jewelry items together they can scratch each other. They can also rub together and cause discolouration which you don’t want. If you don’t organize your jewelry you can lose items or get them tangled together. There are simple inexpensive techniques to help you organize your jewelry.

Essentially you need to separate your jewelry items. This means keeping earrings, necklaces, studs and bracelets separate. Jewelry box organizers are available and stands are available but they may be limited in size. Since sizes are limited you may be better to invest in satchels.

Satchels or tiny draw string bags are available in many sizes and designs. The bags are translucent and you can easily see which jewelry it contains. This makes colour matching easy. You can also customize the drawstring bags designs to suit your preferences. The different sizes allow you to store any type of jewelry easily.

If you want minimal jewelry bags, small zip lock bags are available. These are clear plastic bags and you can see immediately which jewelry items they contain. They come in various sizes but they are a bit plain.

After figuring out which storage bags you will use you can place all your jewelry in a box with dividers. This way you can separate jewelry based on the type and can easily retrieve items when you are figuring out which ones match an outfit. Make your life easier!

Here are simple inexpensive techniques to help you organize your jewelry.

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