Most of us are familiar with the Nightwatch on Game of Thrones. They wear mostly black and need clothing to keep them warm in the cold northern region where the wall is located. Recently the costume designer who worked on game of thrones for the first 5 seasons stated that she in fact used Ikea rugs as part of the Nightwatch clothing.

It’s time to find out which type of rug she used. It shows you costume inspiration can come from anywhere and items like this can help out for your next costume cosplay at a convention. You can still make a great costume on a low budget.

TEJN sheepskin rugs are the best fit when it comes to guessing which rugs were used. This material comes in white so it had to be dyed jet black. Wax and frosting to add a snowy appearance and to tangle and curl the rug pile. The result is a fantastic Nightwatch cape where you can’t even tell that it’s an Ikea rug. That’s great costume design.

Sheep skin rugs are beneficial to the home setting as well. These plush rugs feel great on the feet and feel nice as a costume. Sheepskin rugs can only be dry cleaned because they can get damaged in the wash.



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