With exam season upon us and final assignments due there is a lot of stress you’re going through.

Make A Schedule

Having a schedule will help you organize your time. Chances are you’re working and trying to do holiday shopping. Make a practical schedule around important activities. Also make sure to study for the subjects that are close and are more difficult.

Drink Water

Keeping well hydrated is beneficial. Try to stay away from coffee, espressos, lattes and caffeinated teas. This will dehydrate you and increase your heart rate. You can still drink these but save them for morning sessions.

Light Exercise

Exercise can help clear your mind in between studying. This can be as little as taking a quick walk or doing simple stretches. Once you finish it easier to focus again on studying. This is highly recommended to prevent burn out.

Healthy Snacks

Health nuts such as dried fruits and nuts are a great study snack. Nuts contain essential oils for brain function and health. Healthy snacks provide the nutrience you need instead of empty calories.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stress take a moment to stop and breath. Deep breathing can renew your energy and calm your mind. Do this for a few minutes and it will be easier to study again.

Make exam time easier !

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