The average time it takes to commute to Toronto is between1-2 hours every work day. That is if you come in by car. Most of the problem is due to traffic congestion from a lot of cars and construction work. This all adds up to money wasted on gas and a lot of wasted time. There are easy ways to make your commute easier and cost effective.

Get On The Subway

If you commute from far away you can park at the nearest subway station. This streamlines your commute without having to navigate through busy streets. It also helps you save on gas. You can also use this time to work on documents or use it for leisure such as reading. With the new TTC subway line you can access the subway further from downtown.

Audio Books

Talking books or audio books are becoming more and more popular. You can safely enjoy a book while you drive. You can also use them while on the subway or bus. It helps you catch up on reading and relax after a long day.


Carpooling keeps costs down by splitting some of the expenses. It can also help you engage with friends and keeps driving stress low.


Music can make anyone relax. It also cuts out excess noise and other people’s conversations. It can make your commute stress free.

Make your commute easier!



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