Breakups can be very painful. However, you should focus on how to avoid them in the future instead of just going to the next relationship right away and break up for the same reason over and over.

If you keep jumping to the next relationship without having time to understand the reason for the break-up, you will end up asking yourself: what am I doing wrong? and Why does it keep happening to me?

The answer is you are not giving yourself time to learn from your previous relationship. Often it is because of fear of being alone or to relieve the pain of rejection.

You broke up for a reason. It is because you were not a good match. Diabetic might love sugar from a bottom of his heart but it is not a good match. It is, in fact, a terrible match. He might go on sugar break after losing a foot but once he has forgotten the pain he would end up consuming sugar again.

Here is some advice on how you should deal with break up in a productive way.

  • Always take time before you jump into next one and be patient. Use this time to rediscover yourself and do something you enjoy.
  • Take the time to analyze what you liked in the relationship and what you didn’t.
  • If you are the one that broke up with the significant other, make sure next the person you get in a relationship with doesn’t have the same habits that lead to the break-up.
  • Keep in mind if you like bold, original and spontaneous people, they are poor long term planners.

You have to keep in mind that some relationships aren’t possible. Each aspect of person’s personality has strengths and weaknesses. You can determine if the positive aspect of it is worth the negative aspect that comes with it. If not then don’t look for a partner who has that particular aspect.

On the other hand, if somebody broke up with you because you were too predictable or over analytical find somebody that likes those aspects about you.

The more time you spend on yourself and self-discovery after the breakup, the better you will be prepared for the next relationship. Not to mention you will know what to look for. Don’t look for somebody with flaws that you think you can fix. Sometimes the other person doesn’t consider it as a flaw.

Relationships aren’t about fixing another person’s flaws. That’s not a relationship. A relationship is not about the individual, it is about two people. A proper relationship is about sharing, caring and growing together. If a relationship does not have these positive traits, it will fall apart and be negative.

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