Much research has been put into the topic of depression. However, much of its causes a still elude us and we are still searching for answers. A terrible misconception is that there is a cure all for depression and other mental health disorders. Depression has a cyclical nature that waxes and wanes.

Depression can go from periods of being neutral to more darker periods. Then it can return to a better are in the cycle. The cycling can’t be fully explained by the person’s environment. For example: a person can have no extreme stress occurring, be active, doing well at work, taking their medication etc. Yet they can be still affected by a strong bout of depression for no apparent reason. There is that return factor that is still present.

Some factors for depression can be due to seasonal changes. Many Canadian are affected every year during the winter months with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is naturally due to less sunlight during these month, which results in low vitamin D. Which then affected hormones and other physiological processes in the body.

Other aspects of depression treatment include self-awareness. It’s important that you figure out how items in your routine affect you. For example: getting up late can put you in a depressed mood. Therefore get into a routine where you are not in this situation. Also be aware of triggers and possible changes in daily life that may trigger your condition.

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