Nobody likes getting sick. Cold and flu viruses thrive in cold weather environments. Bacteria can also make you sick but with different symptoms like a sore throat. Luckily there are simple ways you can stay healthy this season.

Avoid Open Pit Food

The problem with open food stations isn’t the food itself. People talk, cough and sneeze in these areas. Just talking produces germs that land in the food and contaminate it. This is a primary source of contamination, especially in cold weather seasons. Buffets are also a source of bacteria and viruses.

Stay Warm

This is the easiest one to do. By keeping warm you are maintaining your optimal body temperature and your immune system is functioning well to fight off viruses. Some viruses thrive in colder temperatures even if it’s by a small amount. In this time your immune system is compromised and you’re more likely to get sick.

Practice Good Hand Washing Practices

Most viruses come from our hands. From there the viruses can affect the host through the eyes, nose, mouth and cuts. The best way to prevent the initial infection is to practice good hand washing. This means washing your hands when you get to school or the office. Washing them before eating and washing them as soon as you get home.

Don’t share drinks

We all share drinks at some point. However, it’s not good practice to do so since you can get more than cold sores. Even if the person isn’t showing sick symptoms yet they can be a carrier and get you sick. It’s best not to share. If you do share drinks limit it to just close family members.

Fight Flu and Cold Viruses with Ginger Lemon Tea

Having a cold sucks! Thankfully there are natural ways to gain relief from the cold symptoms. Ginger based tea can help you get rid of a sore throat. It can also relieve nausea and constipation. You just need a few simple ingredients to make soothing ginger tea.


-Ginger Root


-Fresh Lemon

Tea Preparation

  • Cut the lemon and ginger into slices.
  • Boil 2-3 cups of water in a pot.
  • Once the water boils add the lemon and ginger.
  • Remove from heat. Let it simmer for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Pour the liquid into a cup. Add Honey.


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