There are certain fashion statements that never leave us. For example the Little Black Dress is a sophisticated look that is still popular today and has transcended time. Another look that is frequently mentioned is Short Skirt, Long Jacket. The term has an interesting history.

The fashion term was used in the media without any specific reference. It was about a general fashion outfit. The term was popularized by the band Cake in the song with the same title which was released on 2001. Much of the song is up to anyone’s interpretation but it’s about a woman who is in the corporate world.

Not only is she in business but she’s an active part of it and desirable. The key element is repeated as: “I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket.” In modern times since the song’s release the song has been interpreted as depicting a strong woman who is also fashionable. Some people interpret the fashion statement as finding the right balance of serious and feminine. The look can be attributed to the business fashion or corporate fashion in general.


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