When we buy clothes it’s useful to know which materials will last long. Most of us are on a budget or can’t have the inconvenience of buying clothes too often. It takes hours to shop for the right clothes and it takes time to build a wardrobe. It’s handy to know which clothing materials will last.

If you look in your closet you will notice that your synthetic clothes are in better condition than the natural ones. The main feature will be that the synthetic clothing has retained its bright colours. The other ones with cloth dyed material will have faded a little. This is because each time they are washed a little of the clothing dye washes out.

Natural and synthetic clothing will both wear out overtime. Synthetic clothes are more resistant but will be subject to rips, pulls and general wearing of the fabric. The lifetime of the clothing item also depends on the weave.

Tightly woven material such as denim for jeans and other jean clothing is durable. It can stand abrasion and it a clothing choice for construction and renovation workers. Finer cloth such as silk or chiffon can last long but is not very durable and needs extra care.


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