When  it comes to model most people think of a man or women in designer clothing. This is the common conception since we always see a full profile of a person or their face. However, when it comes to modeling many people don’t know that there is several types.


Hands often get overlooked in advertising since our focus is on the product. Hands are important for displaying the product, using the product or wearing jewelry. They are also used for emphasizing poses.


Legs are very important. They accentuate the body and are often used for products associated with shaving or waxing. They also add sex appeal to an advertisement.


Shoes often need feet to fill them and don’t always look great standing alone. This is the equivalent of displaying jewelry on its own. It just looks better with a human element.


Eyes are needed for make up products, contact lenses, eye creams, glasses and general emphasis. Having eyes in the ad creates a link with the viewer and adds an alluring element.


Lips and teeth get emphasized for a number of reasons. Lipsticks and other lip products are the main products advertised. Teeth whitening, braces, toothpaste, tooth brushes and other dental work is also very common to advertise.


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