When it comes to shopping we may like an item of clothing or a sports car but we still have a colour preference. Particularly in retail environments an assortment of clothing is available in different sizes and limited colours. There are different reasons for limited colour choice.

Cost Effective

Having more colours available can be costly to the business. If there are a variety of car colours each colour variety would need its own painting room. Similarly if there are more clothing colour options available the company needs more fabric. Instead they choose around four colour choices to be available for the season.


Sometimes colour limitations have to deal with style. In particular colour matching only goes well with particular colours. Fashion designers keep this in mind when they are choosing accessories that go with the clothing.


Often there is a limit on colour choices because it creates demand. For example if there is an option of three colours, the most popular colour will sell out first. People either have the choice of waiting for the colour to become available or settle for the next best product available.

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