Some of our favourite outfits can only be hand washed. You can’t always dry clean every item of clothing and the costs add up. Light items are also risky to dry clean because they can become darker. Sooner or later you will have to hand wash your clothes. If you’re new to the process don’t worry. The steps to hand washing are pretty simple to follow.


Sort your clothing based on colour. You should have about three piles: blacks, reds and whites/light colours. Red and black colours need to be washed separately since their dye can bleed and transfer to other clothing.


Not all laundry rooms have a sink for hand washing. However, most places do have a deep kitchen sink with 2 separate areas. Clean this area with dish soap or vim. You can’t clean yoru clothing in a dirty sink.

Water Temperature

The right water temperature is important. Black and red clothing that may bleed needs cold water. This helps keep the dye in the clothing items. If you use warm or hot water your clothing will mostly likely fade. Warm water should be used for light clothing. Hot is only used for white clothing. Double check the washing requirements by looking at the clothing care tags.

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