When it comes to advertising make up there are several design concepts to choose from. You can pick a straight forward design or something more subtle. You can also have your product modeled on people just remember – No animal testing! Here are basic ways to advertise make up.

The easiest straight forward method is to have the product stand alone. It’s simple and is especially effective when the packaging is in a creative shape or has brilliant colours. This is also cost effective since you photograph the make up bottle and dress it up with an beautiful background.

The other common way to advertise make up is on a model. You can choose to focus on one specific type of make up like foundation or mascara. You can also just focus on the brand and have your model with full complete make up. This concept works because it gives an idea of how the make up will look on the consumer.

You can also have a combination of these two concepts. You can have the model with full make up who is holding the product. This concept also works great for perfumes and body sprays when you can only smell the product.


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