Most of us are aware of the traditional fall colours. The oranges, reds and yellows naturally mimic the atmosphere around us. However, pink is becoming a fall trend in fashion. There are several reasons for this.


When we look around nature at the fall colours pink seems to be absent. Very few trees have leaves that turn pink in the fall. This includes Dogwood, Japanese Maple and the Persian Parrot Tree. Pink is one of the rarer fall colours.

Changing It Up

It gets dull wearing the same fall colours every season. Adding pink to your wardrobe can give you a fresh look. There are different pink shades to choose from and shiny pink metallic colours for fashion accessories readily available.


Different colours of pink can imitate things such as rusty red or ripe apples. In a way pink colours can be a subtle way to transition into the fall season. The warm weather hasn’t quite disappeared but the cold winter temperatures has arrived just yet.

Readily Available

Many clothing manufacturer produce pink clothing in all types of pink shades. This is handy since you will have a variety of pink clothing to choose from. Other colours like red and white are hard colours to shop for in store.

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