In growing up many of us have come across the association that certain colours are associated with gender. Namely pink is for girls and blue is for boys. This feature is not as common as it used to be. However, it’s still prevalent and has a historical basis in our society.

Some of this colour association is from culture. French culture has this trends. However, in other countries the opposite colours are used: blue for girls and pink for boys. In Canadian culture the trend started in the 1800’s and developed into a social trend.

Another reason for this colour association is that its been marketed to us. After WWII and during the mass marketing era, stores started using this trend. It became a social norm and most of us grow up with.

During the mid 90s The Simpsons had an episode where Homer has to wear a pink shirt to work and gets into trouble because of it. The trouble being that his peers don’t accept this because of social norms; pink for girls and blue for boys.

We’ve long moved on from making this norm definite. Male pop stars have started wearing pink clothing; signaling to society that this is appropriate. We have the freedom to wear the colours we want.

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