Allergy seasons come and go but they do leave a mark. Even after the season is over pollen and other allergens may be still present in your environment. They need to be dealt with effectively to treat your allergy symptoms and prevent further irritations. Here are household items you should give a deep cleaning.


Your mattress can have allergens deep within the material. To remove it and give your mattress a deep cleaning you need to get it steam cleaned. This will also help you sleep better.


Carpets commonly host dirt, dust and other allergens. Carpets placed near the door are particularly full with these particles. Steam cleaning can effectively remove the allergy causing particles.


Frequently used furniture should be deep cleaned with steam cleaning. Pets, kids and other guests can transport all sorts of allergens onto furniture. Deep cleaning the furniture will help prevent allergy symptoms.


Entrance rugs commonly trap allergens since they are exposed to the outdoor conditions. Get these cleaned at a professional rug cleaning facility to get them properly cleaned.

You can also infest in a quality air filter. Many filters come with a setting to remove airborne allergy particles from the air. This captures the irritants before it reaches you.

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