When you have a shag rug carpet more effort needs to go into maintaining it. Unlike other rug shag rugs have long pile that can trap dust, dirt and food particles more easily. These The thick pile also takes longer to dry and may foster dangerous damp conditions. Here are ways to manage common rug accidents.

Wet Spills

If a beverage spills on a shag rug it needs to be cleaned up right away. Use paper towels to blot the edge of the stain and avoid rubbing in the liquid. You can dry it using baking soda. If the rug is small enough place it outside or near a heating source. Many rugs are placed near fireplaces  so the heat can dry them more easily.

Weekly Vacuuming

Shag rugs need special brushes for vacuuming due to their long pile. The pile can become tangled without the right vacuuming tools.  If the suction is too low most of the dirt will stay in the rug. If the rug is small enough it can be shaken outside to loosen up trapped dust.

Annual Cleaning

All rugs need annual cleaning to give them a deep clean. Shag rugs need to be cleaned off site to be able to lift and remove dirt trapped at the base of the rug material.

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