When we do yoga our mat comes in contact with a lot of dirt over time. The floor inevitable has dirt, bacteria and other dust and we are laying our mats on top of it. Overtime dirt is noticeably because it shows up as discolouration on the mat. The yoga mat may acquire a bad smell. Luckily most yoga mats can be cleaned easily.

One way to keep your mat clean it to spray it with disinfectant spray after each use. Simply spray the mat and allow it to dry. Never roll it up when it is still wet. They should keep it clean and extend the period of time for when it needs cleaning again.

Due to its size the yoga mats needs a larger space for cleaning. Most yoga mats only fit in the bath tub. Fill the tub with mild cleaning detergent and warm water. Allow the mat to soak for 10 minutes. Take a light brush and gently scrub both side of the yoga mat.

After scrubbing rinse the yoga mat with warm water. Ideally you should drape your mat outside to allow it to dry. If you can’t put it outside find a place to drape it inside. Use a fan to speed up the drying process. Roll up your mat when it’s dry.

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