The stove is a frequently used item in the home. Since it comes in contact with food it needs to be well maintained and cleaned properly. Food spills and burnt food need to be removed or it will cause problems overtime. Here are simple ways to maintain stove cleanliness.

Modern day stoves have ceramic countertops for cooking food. It’s effective because food doesn’t get stuck under elements. Food often does burn and the residue sticks. To clean it you will need a wet scrubbing pad and a razor. Wet the area then use the blade to scrape off the food. The ceramic material won’t scratch. Use the scouring pad to remove the rest of the food.

If you don’t have time to scrub you can generally clean the stove top. Use a soapy cloth to wipe the stove surface to disinfect it. If there is stuck on food, place a damp cloth on top of it to loosen the material.

The oven part of the stove needs periodic cleaning. Modern stoves have an effective self cleaning option. This takes a few hours and the stove can’t be used during this time. Most of the food will be removed with high heat. If there is anything left over you can use stove cleaner to remove it.

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