Many of us are well aware that it’s difficult to keep our New Year’s Resolutions. The intention was there but it just didn’t happen. Or we did keep them but only for a week. Life also gets in the way. Here are five reasons the resolutions don’t always work.

No Routine

Most resolutions don’t come with a routine or plan. If you don’t have these it makes them harder to keep. If you can get a calendar for your fridge and keep track of your resolutions.

Lack of Energy

After the energy and work we put into the holidays we have less energy in the New Years. In January most of us get back into the regular work routines and other stresses such as bills.

Not Realistic

Resolutions tend to be somewhat unrealistic or too broad. Making them easier said them actually done. The best resolutions are realistic and have more planning behind them.

No Motivation

Many of plan resolutions but there’s no drive to accomplish them. You have to actively get yourself in the right mood and keep up being motivated. One way to do this is to keep achievements in mind and reward yourself when you meet them.


The stresses of daily life may prevent you from achieving your goals. Or them can interrupt your plans all together. Keep in mind that these don’t last forever. You just need to get back into your routine.



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