Vaughan metropolitan center subway station platformWith the holiday season comes holiday shopping. Many of us last-minute shoppers can be stuck in a rut. Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November cause a backlog of online orders. If you online shop now it’s likely your package won’t arrive on time. It can be expensive to get express shipping as well. Yoru best bet is to go to store and shop. Thankfully there’s a New TTC subway extension to make shopping easier.

The best places to find gifts and get great service are the malls. Vaughan Mills Mall is now more accessible from downtown. Bus 26 YRT takes commuters from the Vaughan Metropolitan Center to Vaughan Mills. This bus route is sure to be extended to get commuters to this popular attraction.

For people living outside of Toronto, the new subway line allows easier access to shopping malls such as Yorkdale Mall, Eaton Center and Fairview Mall. Not all malls have the same shops, variety, and traffic. Trying smaller malls such as Hillcrest Mall, Promenade Mall, and Center Point Mall have fewer shoppers which means easier and faster service.

The best part of using the subway not dealing with a car. It may be hard to find parking at the malls. Car traffic may be so bad you will waste time getting in and out of the mall area. Parking can also be expensive in downtown locations. The new TTC subway extension can make your holiday shopping easier.

Make your holiday shopping easier!

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