Having a clean kitchen is important for the health of your family. It prevents food poisoning from food contaminated by bacteria. It also prevents your food from spoiling too fast. A clean kitchen eliminates odor-causing bacteria and mold. Here are places you should keep clean for a healthy kitchen.

The Sink

The most frequently used area in your kitchen is the sink. You wash your hands there, clean vegetables and wash dishes. Due to the exposure to dirt, food particles and bacteria, this is a prime area of contamination. The sink should be disinfected before cooking or doing dishes.

The Fridge

On average one person will open a fridge at least 20 times in a day. This makes the door handle of the refrigerator contaminated with bacteria and potentially other viruses. Make sure to disinfect this part of the fridge first before cleaning on the inside. The inside of the fridge should be cleaned every 4-6 months when you need to go grocery shopping.

Stove and Countertops

When you do dishes it should be a good practice to wipe down the counters and stove with a clean dishcloth. This removes food and kills off harmful bacteria and viruses. The stove may require light scrubbing to remove burnt food.

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