With the summer season upon us it’s essential that you have the right patio furniture. This means that you need furniture material that is durable against the weather elements. Patio furniture comes in contact with, pollution, skin oils, sunscreen, rain and UV Sunlight. So you need the best furniture materials.

No Natural Fibers

Natural fibers like cotton, wool , silk or Haitian cotton shouldn’t be considered for patio furniture. Cotton is especially prone to browning when exposed to water. Silk is easily damaged by highly alkaline solutions. These materials are also prone to algae growth.

No Polyester

Polyester furniture is easily damaged by heat. It will also fade and discolour quickly. Polyester material is resistant to water but at the same time loves oils. This means that it will absorbs skin oils, sunscreen and pollution. These items are hard to remove from the patio furniture.

No To Rayon

Rayon is prone to shrinking when it comes in contact with water. Rayon patio furniture is also prone to browning, yellowing and fading. This makes it a poor fabric choice when it comes to outdoor furniture.

YES To Acrylic

Acrylic patio furniture is ideal especially since it is resistant to fading caused by UV sunlight. It durable to regular wearing during furniture use. This material is also resilient and stronger than wool.

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